The effects of sex on your sports performance

De effecten van seks op je sportprestaties

Having or not having sex before exercising is good for one person, but not for another. Science shows that women may even be able to perform better due to the temporary increase in testosterone. No research has shown that sex negatively affects their performance.

This is different for men. Scientists at the University of North Carolina surveyed 1,100 active adult males, all of whom were experienced athletes. The men who did light workouts often answered that they had an average or high libido. The libido was low in men who trained intensively for a long time.

An important relationship between sex and muscle mass has to do with zinc. Zinc plays a role in the immune system, wound healing, sense of smell and taste, production of testosterone and protein synthesis. Sperm contains zinc, so you lose zinc with every ejaculation. The amount of zinc you lose varies from person to person. If you train a lot, your zinc needs are even higher. Many are not aware of a zinc deficiency, but this is easily remedied. Sleep & Relax contains enough zinc to keep your daily requirement on track. If you train heavily, it is wise to use 20-25 mg per day.

Sleep and energy

Sex is a subject that many people consider uncomfortable. That is a shame, because research shows that people who talk easily and openly about their sex life also value their own sex life more highly. Knowing more about sex and orgasms can also help you gain more insights into how it can help you. Sex has a relaxing effect and will therefore indirectly ensure that you sleep better. We don't have to tell you that a better night's sleep contributes to your recovery, energy and productivity during the day.

The effects of an orgasm

An orgasm has all kinds of positive effects on your physical and mental health:

  • It works relaxed. Your breathing deepens and all kinds of substances are released that make you happy; such as dopamine and oxytin. Your stress disappears.
  • It increases your heart rate considerably and therefore you can consider it as a small workout for your heart muscle (try to masturbate more often instead of running).
  • An orgasm can provide a better night's sleep. During an orgasm, the hormone prolactin is produced, which makes you sleepy.
  • It is a natural pain reliever. During sex or masturbation, endorphins are released, which lower your brain's response to pain.

I guess it's no news that an orgasm is good for you. It is not only nice, but also good for your health. Both mentally and physically. It is good to remember the relationship between zinc, muscle mass and sports performance. So make sure your zinc levels are up to scratch before you decide to get ready for an important game tonight! Sleep & Relax contains enough zinc to ensure that you are always well prepared for anything.

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