Fatigue in menopause - why is that?

Vermoeidheid in de overgang - hoe komt dat?

Fatigue often comes into play during the transition. Your body goes through a lot of changes and changes simply cost energy. It is normal to be a bit more tired than usual. Many women who are going through menopause have sleeping problems, which can also lead to fatigue. There are studies that report that 90% of women who are in menopause have fatigue complaints. But what can you do about it?

Why Do Hormones Make You Tired?

Physical fatigue in menopause has a hormonal cause. It is caused by the greatly reduced estrogen content. Estrogen regulates energy supply at the cellular level. When your body has less estrogen available, you often have less energy.

Tired in the transition due to stress

Chances are that once in transition you will continue to run and fly just as you did before. This can give you physical and mental stress and ultimately cause a lot of fatigue. What happens when stressed? Your adrenal glands start to produce cortisol (stress hormone). That in itself is a useful system, because this hormone ensures that you do not collapse in stressful situations. But of course too much is never good.

How can you combat fatigue during menopause?

  • Get enough exercise. Exercise is always good for you. Moving for 30 minutes every day ensures that you get more energy and that your body produces happiness hormones.
  • Make sure you have enough rest moments. Stress makes you tired. Take enough rest and time to relax. Research shows that women who do not suffer from stress have far fewer hot flashes than women who do lead a stressful life.
  • Drink enough. If you don't drink enough you dry out and this causes fatigue. If you drink too little, your body has to work harder to function.
  • Get enough sleep. If you are in menopause, you may suffer from night sweats. This disrupts your night's sleep, making you less well rested during the day. It helps to keep your bedroom cool and to wear airy nightwear. More tips for sleeping better? Read our blog ' sleep better '.

Natural support during the transition

If you notice that nothing helps against your menopause complaints, you can consider trying our own natural products. We have developed two natural supplements ourselves for a better night's sleep and for more energy. Energy & Focus is a natural energy booster and Sleep & Relax is a natural sleeping aid. The supplements can help you with your menopause complaints, and are you not satisfied? Then you will simply get your money back from us.

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